Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Atomium of Brussels 1958

by: Ibu Claire

Was erected in 1958 for the World Exhebition. It represents a molecule of cristal iron and symbolizes the 9 provinces of Belgium. Each sphere has a diameter of 18 m.
It is 102m. high and weighs 2400 tons. The designer was Ingenior André Waterkeyn.

For its 5Oth anniversary, it was completely restaured,with partly by private gifts, for the inhabtants of Brussels consider it as part of their city and their memory. The World Fair "Expo 58" was an exceptional happy period after the second world war Europeans were thinking Science would solve everything and that there would be no war anymore, that there would be work and food for everyone...

Like usual people discovered far away countries.Belgian Congo showed life unhabitants(like in a zoo!!!), but had to send them back after 2 days !

One year and a half later, Congo was asking Independance and got it in June 1960 !!!



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